Michelle Valenzuela

Bitter Pill - Ep

“Bitter Pill” is the debut EP from Mexican-American country artist Michelle Valenzuela. Raised in El Centro, a rural suburb two hours East of San Diego, Michelle grew up singing in church and writing songs. After relocating to Los Angeles, Michelle spent the last ten years writing songs for other artists as well as for television. In 2016, Valenzuela endured a series of painful life events that led her to begin writing what would become the Bitter Pill EP. Produced by Steve Ornest and tracked by some of LA’s top session musicians, Bitter Pill is raw and honest, but also polished and palatable in a way that far exceeds the expectations of the modern country genre. Paying homage to greats like The Eagles and Johnny Cash, “Bitter Pill” is more at home in the Americana genre than it is Country. “Me and Maybelline” and “Sweet Talk” are the stand-out singles, while the ballad “Bitter Pill” is a heart-wrenching tune easily relatable to all. “The Hardest Thing” shows depth and maturity in Valenzuela’s writing and vocal capabilities that far exceed her age. In a time where the country genre is still male-dominated, Valenzuela is proving that the best song always wins, and she is clearly a force to be reckoned with.